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Lanciano, Italy.  Province: Chieti(CH)  Region: Abruzzo


  The lemon “Agrumato Oil” is one of the most antique culinary traditions of Abruzzo, the greenest region located on the middle of Italy near the Adriatic Sea.  For many years, families who owned a “Frantoio” (olive mill to make olive oil) have produced a small quantity of “Agrumato Oil” for their own use and for close friends.

 To make “Agrumato Oil” one needs to understand and be a part of this tradition. The process is very tedious and labor-intensive. The olives are harvested entirely by hand and the organically-grown lemons/fruits are carefully picked at the perfect point of ripeness.  These olives and lemons/fruits are then crushed together in a traditional granite mill used

for making extra virgin olive oil. The resulting paste is immediately pressed with a low-pressure machine over a long period of time to extract the “Agrumato Oil”; a very rare and precious extra virgin olive oil.

 In 1991, the RICCI’S FAMILY made this rare product available to a limited clientele. Today, new versions of “Agrumato Oil” are made as well, pressed with blood oranges, tangerines, citrons and a special Agrumato with Lemon infused with Herbs.  

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