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Principato di Lucedio



Trino, Italy.  Province: Vercelli (VC)  Region: Piedmont

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Lying just east of Torino in the fertile Po River Valley is the 12th century estate of Principato di Lucedio. The monks introduced the process of cultivating rice in the 15th century. Using the waters from neighboring rivers including the Po, the monks were able to develop canals that flooded the fields and protected the rice during the peak growing time.  The estate fast became one of the most important rice producers in Piemonte.  In the centuries following the Cistercian monks’ occupation, the estate had numerous owners and the cultivation of rice continued.  Most recently, in 1937, Count Paolo Cavalli d’Olivola bought the estate.  His daughter, Contessa Rosetta Clara Cavalli d’Olivola currently oversees production of rice at Lucedio with her son Paolo. 

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