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Agrumato Tangerine Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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200ml | Agrumato Tangerine

Imported Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Abruzzese Agrumato Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In Abruzzo, on the Adriatic Sea, at the end of each harvest, farmers create a special oil for their family and friends. In their "frantoio" (olive mill) on the farm, the farmers crush and press small amounts of hand-harvested olives with fresh citrus fruit to create oils such as Agrumato. Agrume means "citrus". The crisp freshness of Agrumato is achieved by the whole-fruit crushing process, which cannot be duplicated by the more common infusion method of other citrus flavored oils. By crushing the olives with the citrus, the purity of each fruit flavor is maintained. The resulting oil is an exquisitely versatile condiment.

Agrumato Tangerine (orange label) – The fragrance is astonishingly redolent of fresh tangerines with a pleasant, slightly bitter finish. Drizzle over roasted squash, beet salad, grilled shellfish or salmon.


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