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Gianni Calogiuri Dolce Nero CHOCOLATE Vincotto

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SIZE | 375ml

CATEGORY: Imported Italian Balsamic Condiment

Vincotto (meaning cooked wine) is a velvety vinegar made by cooking and reducing the grape must from two distinct grape varietals, Malvasia and Negroamaro, for a period of fifteen hours. It is then aged for four years in oak barrels, allowing the taste and consistency to develop. DolceNero - an original specialty by Gianni Calogiuri is a pleasantly creamy, all natural elixir with a velvety taste based in the fusion between Vincotto Original and Cocoa.  Any flavor of DolceNero Vincotto is excellent to drink on it's own or can be a cocktail of great taste when added to run, vodka, or cappuccino.  Each is also wonderful on top of fruit, panna cotta, ice cream, cakes, or your favorite dessert.  This is a natural product without any alcohol, colorants or preservatives.

Gianni Calogiuri's Vincotto is rich in polyphenols - one of the most abundant antioxidants which research by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition strongly supports their role in the prevention of degenerative diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases and cancers. (ajcn.nutrition.org)

PRODUCER INFORMATION | In the Province of Lecce, the Caloguiri family has been producing Vincotto Vinegar since 1825 - still using their guarded family recipe today.  


Other Details

cooked grape must, cocoa, extra virgin olive oil

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