• Marchesi San Giuliano Sicilian Mandarin Marmalade

Marchesi di San Giuliano Sicilian Mandarin Marmalade

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460gr | Marchesi di San Giuliano Sicilian Mandarin Marmalade | Organic Production

Imported Italian Citrus Marmalades


San Giuliano has belonged to the Marchesi Castello di San Giuliano for over 800 years. Near to Siracusa, on the east coast of Sicily, on a 22 acre estate, San Giuliano boasts some of the most fertile soil in all of Sicily. It is particularly suited to growing citrus fruits. Trees planted in the early 1800s are still bearing fruit!

Sicilian Mandarines (Citrus reticulata), are a variety of citrus fruit with a deep orange color and a smooth, thin, shiny skin. Juicy, sweet and acidic, they are also known as the "Christmas Orange" announcing the arrival of the Holiday Season. The San Giuliano marmalades are "Estate Bottled" - the fruit utilized and the production takes place entirely on the San Guiliano estate. The fruit orchard has been organically managed since the 1980s. The mandarines are hand-harvested during the last weeks of November into December, when the fruit is mature and at the peak of sweetness. The recipe for the marmalade has remained unchanged for generations. Made entirely by hand in small batches using only the finest of the freshly picked fruit. The mandarines are sliced and marinated in cold water overnight. On the second day, the sliced fruit is drained, and set to marinate again overnight in water and raw sugar cane. The third day the fruit is slowly cooked down, adding sugar and juice. No thickeners or preservatives are ever used. The high proportion of fruit, combined with natural ingredients and strict production standards, insure that San Giuliano marmalades have a traditional taste and texture.

Spread on crusty toasts, flaky croissants and warm scones. Top yoghurt or fresh sheep's milk ricotta. Use as a filling for a crostata or as a filling to a dark chocolate cake. Ideal as a topping for dark chocolate or vanilla gelato.

INGREDIENTS | mandarin and sugar

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