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  • Olio Verde NOVELLO 2017 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olio Verde NOVELLO 2017 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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 SIZE | 500ml

CATEGORY: Imported Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

First Pressing of 2017 Harvest | harvested, pressed, bottled October, 2017 | Your chance to have a new harvest oil on your table as soon as our friends in Italy!!

2016 Tasting Notes: This luxurious extra virgin olive oil—made with a single varietal olive, Nocellara del Belice—delivers forward flavors of fresh green olives, with an exotic spiciness that sparkles on the palate. Nutty notes are punctuated with aromas of freshly cut grass and hints of tomato leaf, followed by a lasting peppery finish. A seductive, herbaceous oil.

Suggestions for Use: Excellent with pork chops or over Jamón Ibérico; brighten up a warm-from-the-oven baked potato; use with any recipe featuring tomatoes, capers, or anchovies; perfect with pasta.

PRODUCER INFORMATION |In the gentle uplands of northwestern Sicily, Becchina & Company's country estate is an ideal location for growing olives. The olives used are 100% Nocellara del Belice. These fine trees are not chemically treated in any way. Some of them are 300-year-old-stock onto which younger trunks are grafted. A spring is tapped to deliver water directly to every tree through an elaborate irrigation system. The olives are hand picked.They are captured while still green, but coated with a light whitish sheen that only exists for two weeks at the most. This is called the white phase and is regarded by many as too early to harvest-usually in October when yields are low. But Becchina & Company seeks the strong green flavors in their oil. This also helps to preserve the oil's intense aroma and high quality. The olives are stone-crushed under huge millstones, then laid on mats and pressed gently. The unfiltered oil is stored in rotund terracotta amphorae until spring, naturally clarifying itself. It is never filtered; Becchina & Company prefers that the chlorophyll suspended in the minute particles of sediment act as a natural preservative. The oil is decanted into the distinctive Olio Verde rectangular bottles.  

REGION | Castelvetrano, Sicily

OLIVE VARIETY | 100% Nocellara del Belice - harvested both black/purple and green. Unfiltered, Estate-bottled.

DESCRIPTION | Bright olive and sage leaf color. Rich notes of olive fruit, almonds and white pepper. Rich, velvety texture enfolds a well balanced spicyness which kicks back at the end.

TRADITIONS |  Drizzle over fresh greens, grilled meats or over a thick piece of toasted Italian bread.

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